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Lorch Cobot welding systems

Wasp Supplies are an approved Lorch Cobot partner with both Mig and Tig demonstration machines at our Luton demo centre, to arrange a Lorch Cobot demo, or request more info contact us here 

Over the last 20-30 years metal fabrication has changed enormously, CNC control has seen the advent of automated machining centres for turning and milling, automated punching and folding equipment for sheet metal and XYZ Laser and plasma tables for profiling. Automated welding has been via a large Industrial Robot and safety cell, high initial costs and specialist programming skills meant that a welding Robot was limited to long term high volume production runs. 

 All that has changed from now, the Lorch Welding Cobot is designed and supplied to various companies for small to medium batch work, with minimal investment costs, no fixed cell or guarding required, minimal operator training which then takes the pressure off the welding department. Indeed the Lorch Cobot can free up your skilled welders from those mundane repeatable tasks allowing them to use their skills on more challenging projects.

Lorch have been supplying Cobot welding packages since 2018, since the original Launch of the Cobot Mig welding Package, Lorch have intoduced Cobot Tig welding packages, and more recently the Lorch Tilt turn 100kg turntable that can rotate unlimited 360 degree turns or tilt through 90 degrees, 

Another recent addition to the Lorch Cobot range is the Lorch Cobot move which is a 2m Linear rail that extends the overall working range of the Cobot arm to 4.5 metres. Both the tilt/turn and and Linear slide are all controlled by the same easy to use Lorch software and can be purchased with a new Lorch Cobot or added anytime in the future, the equipment is plug and play and requires limited technical expertise to install, keeping installation costs to a minimum. 

The very latest addition to the Lorch Cobot  Mig welding package is, seam tracking, so if your components are not exactly identical everytime, the Lorch Mig Cobot can compensate for this, with a software upgrade from Lorch. 

Wasp supplies are a Lorch Certified Cobot Partner and can offer a full design and installation package to suit your welding needs. Full CE certification to the system once installed by Wasp Supplies following the detailed guidelines and procedures Lorch have put in place. 

Lorch Seam Pilot now uses Laser tracking to follow or programme complex shapes or inconsistent part fit up. 

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