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Universal Robots UR10



An arm for welding


Cobots open a new chapter in the history of welding production and operate with a moving arm that provides the workers with powerful assistance during their daily work routine.

Unlike an industrial robot, the Cobot does not have to be housed in a protective cell. Lightweight construction and integrated safety technology, which will set the robot arm to idle after being touched, make it possible to operate Cobots in an environment with immediate interaction with human beings. This will not only lead the worker to perceive the Cobot as a natural automation tool for their daily work but also helps save a tremendous amount of production space.

When not in use, the Cobot simply returns to its home position, clearing the welding bench for other tasks. The phenomenal ease with which it can be programmed and its intuitive operation make it a cinch to enter into this new world of welding and ease the load on the welder during the production of small and medium production runs.

The responsibilities of the welding department specialists are reduced to setting up the Cobot welding programmes, freeing up the welding specialists time aawy from mundane production tasks allowing them to concentrate on other more demanding tasks. 
The loading and removal of parts into the welding fixture as well as the release of the pre-programmed welding sequence can be done by semi-skilled labourers – with no detrimental effects on the welding results.

Smart addition to your production planning: Cobots will work 365 days a year at a consistently excellent level of quality. 


Part of the Lorch Cobot Welding Package: The UR10 by Universal Robots

Boasting more than a decade of experience in collaborative lightweight robot systems, the current market leader in Cobots brings you the UR10, a system that provides everything that is essential to a medium-sized welding company:

  • extensive range
  • sufficient bearing load
  • low-maintenance technology
  • sophisticated technology
Technical data of the UR10
Weight 28,9 kg
Action radius 1300 mm
Bearing load 10 kg
Repeat point-to-point accuracy +/- 0,1 mm
Degrees of freedom 6 rotating joints
Joint rotation +/- 360 °
Power supply 230 Volt 1~
Other 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, optional 2-year warranty
Straightforward operation: Thanks to a touch display and intuitive user interface

The new way to program: Free Drive function

From the start, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and use this new technology. You quickly gain a firm grasp of the basics and can extend your knowledge in a concise, 3-day training program on commissioning, operation and the included welding functions that is ­designed to enable you to: Use the Lorch Cobot Welding Package straight away for the benefit of your ­company.
You can activate the Free Hand function to manually move the Cobot / the torch to the position where it is ­supposed to start and end. You use the same function to program intermediate points and sections. Quickly and simply without the need for extensive prior experience.

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