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Swift-cut 3000 water table MK III CNC plasma cutting table with hypertherm powermax  cuts up to 25mm mild steel from wasp supplies of Luton
Swift-cut 3000 water table MK III CNC plasma cutting table with hypertherm powermax  cuts up to 25mm mild steel from wasp supplies of Luton Swift-cut 3000 water table MK III CNC plasma cutting table with hypertherm powermax  cuts up to 25mm mild steel from wasp supplies of Luton Swift-cut 3000 water table MK III CNC plasma cutting table with hypertherm powermax  cuts up to 25mm mild steel from wasp supplies of Luton Swift-cut 3000 water table MK III CNC plasma cutting table with hypertherm powermax  cuts up to 25mm mild steel from wasp supplies of Luton
Low cost, high quality CNC plasma cutting equipment. 3000x1500mm operating area, cuts up to 25mm mild steel, also cuts stainless, aluminium, copper, brass etc full installation and training included. No extraction required.
Brand: Swift-cut Hypertherm
Condition: New

Swift cut 3000 water bed MK III CNC plasma cutting table, The Swift-Cut 3000 has a usable table size of 3000mm x 1500mm and was previously known as the Swift cut 105 table. The bed is available in 2 formats :-

This system has a water bed fitted below the sacrificial slats  which catches all fume and dross and eliminates the need for an additional fume extraction system. The system has an inbuilt water drainage system of which depending on usage the water bed will need to be cleaned out on a monthly or bi monthly basis. 

The system is also available as a  zoned down draft extraction table.

The  MKIII is the latest version from Swift-cut and now comes with many upgrades to improve the highly successful version 2, these include the following :-
  • all systems now have dropped rails for ease of loading
  • removable stainless steel splash guards on water bed systems 
  • gantry parking to allow a full sheet to be loaded overhead
  • Powerful 4 N/m hybrid stepper motors
  • New quicker response (DTHC) Digital Torch Height Control for improved cut quality and even longer consumable life.
  • New (DCC) Dynamic Cut Control (not Pmax 45) unique to Swift-cut, the plasma current, voltage and air pressure are controlled by console software, various cutting speeds can be applied to the same profile to improve cut quality.
  • New optional Swift-Mark - etching tool for marking numbers/letters on plates Picture 3 above 
  • New optional Swift-Trace  clip on digital camera for copying hand drawings etc, Picture 4 above 
  • Torch mounted on a magnetic breakaway head, elimnates torch damage picture 5 above, see video here 
We can arrange a live online demonstration, or show you an existing system in operation at your convenience. 

The system is now supplied with a freestanding operating console that can be positioned at any point adjacent to the table. The console now has a new inbuilt screen and a completely new software system designed to need zero operator training and uses on screen step by step procedures with prompts. 

3 levels of software are now available, with the basic level more than adequate to start cutting using manual positioning of components, intermediate level can use multiple shapes with automatic nesting, level 3 includes all the above plus auto cut path calculation and further 3rd party software integration . Level 2 and 3 are optional extras.  All systems use DXF or DWG files .



Download equipment brochure                                                   Download Software brochure 

Wasp Supplies offer a full installation service including training in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northants, Oxfordshire and london.

Once installed this system, produces profiles from sheet metal to 25mm mild steel sheets and plates in minutes, also stainless steel and aluminium to a very high quality. With a few hours training, anbody that is computer literate can turn a DXF image file into a cut profile.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.
Cuts any metal with speed and accuracy
Delivered, Commissioned complete with introductory training
Dedicated PC offers powerful CadCam facility
Digital torch height control (DTHC)

Dynamic Cut Control (DCC) on Powermax 65/85/105/125
optional HVAC software.

Complete ready to cut system including:-
  • Swift Cut 3000 Table
  • Standalone control station
  • level 1 software pre-loaded
  • Hypertherm Plasma cutter and machine torch
  • Magnetic Torch protection system
  • Delivery and Installation

 The Hypertherm Powermax 45 plasma cutter has a piercing capacity of 12mm and a recommended cutting capacity of 19mm. The choice of plasma cutter is determined by the pierce capacity.

To cut thicker materials a larger plasma cutter is required with a higher amperage torch.
To cut up to 10mm we recommend our standard system with powermax 45 included.
To cut up to 15mm we recommend upgrading to powermax 65
To cut up to 18mm we recommend upgrading to powermax 85
To cut up to 22mm we recommend upgrading to powermax 105
To cut up to 25mm we recommend upgrading to powermax 125


See Video section for more cutting examples 

Download spec sheet 

3000 Table – 3000 x 1500mm cutting area (10’x5’)

The Swift-Cut 3000 is our largest plasma cutting table, it’s a great mini-production table that will cut all day long. Ideal for workshops, metal fabricators, repair outfits, educational establishments, designers and artists. Supreme build quality and unique operating software allows you to:

  • Cut all metals: stainless and mild steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc etc.
  • Cut thicknesses from 0.5mm to 25mm
  • Run at speeds from 1 to 12 m/minute
  • Deliver excellent cut quality


  • Cutting area accommodates 3000mm x 1500mm sheet size
  • Dropped rails for ease of loading larger sheets
  • Gantry parking to allow full sheet to be loaded overhead
  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable paint finish
  • New larger and lighter alloy head for improved cut performance and easy maintenance
  • Powerful 4.4 N/m hybrid stepper motors
  • Rack and pinion drive system
  • Smooth motion linear V wheels and dual drive on Y-axis
  • Magnetic breakaway head
  • Zoned downdraft for efficient fume control (extraction from the table is the customer’s responsibility)

Freestanding Operator’s Console

  • Robust steel console housing a PC with 18.5” flat panel LCD monitor, dual core CPU Intel i3 processor, 500GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM
  • DVD ROM, external USB and network port for file transfer
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • E-stop with key lock-out safety feature


  • Windows operating system
  • Solid Edge 2D CAD programme
  • SheetCAM; CADCAM programme
  • Swift-Cut CNC control system software
  • Digital Torch-Height Control (DTHC) for improved cut quality and improved torch consumable life
  • Dynamic cut control enabling varied cut speed control from the console for improved cut quality
  • Team Viewer for “anywhere” on-line support
  • Libellula.CUT Wizard (Optional)
    • One click automatic nesting software
    • Generic shape library
    • HVAC
  • Swift-Trace draw /scan and cut video software. (Optional)
  • Ohmic Torch Sensing. (Optional)
This is a version 2, Swift-cut 2500 cutting 8mm plate in Hertfordshire 

Examples of cutting various plate thickness's






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