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Strengthen your team

Problems finding welders?

The supply on the market is exhausted, labour costs are surging. How do you manage to stay profitable and develop your company further under these circumstances? Simply training your own employees will not suffice to offset this shortage.

By contrast, relying on a technology that will motivate your experienced employees and make their lives easier will solve your staffing shortfall in no time. This will help you join the ranks of employers who attract young welding professionals and who enjoy working with the technologies of the future.

Manufacturing at attractive conditions?

Optimise your use of precious skilled labour and assign the right jobs to personnel with low operator qualifications. Without compromising on quality and even boosting your profitability. Collaborative robots – in short: Cobots – are the solution for mid-sized companies.

They relieve your qualified welders from tedious and repetitive tasks and allow you to tap into new opportunities for your welding production to grow.

Investing in the future?

Digitisation affects all areas of life and work. Every entrepreneur needs to ask this question: Where, how and what do I invest to prepare my business for the challenges that lie ahead in the years to come. In the future, specialised welding companies will undergo changes that are brought about by digitisation and automation.

Welding with the help of collaborative robots is a first major step in mastering this future.Collaborating means working together.

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Cobot welding: Man and machine support each other during welding.

The Cobot completes a precise movement of the torch, while the welding system delivers the perfect weld – over and over again. A system born for automating small and medium production runs. In the past robots were limited to round and longitudinal seam welding, but now robot welding excels especially in the areas of contour and segment welding. Once set up properly (which is the main responsibility of the welding specialist in charge), the Cobot will weld complete batches with perfection.

The welding specialist stays in complete control of the system, the Cobot acts as a tool, and the execution of the jobs is delegated. Straightforward and requiring only minimum investment costs, this type of automation is the solution to major challenges that are currently problematic for the industry, e.g. lack of skilled labour and increasing cost pressures. One key factor is the ability to use collaborative robots without any special additional protective equipment. The exceptional ease with which they can be installed and operated allows Cobots to become an essential team member at your company in no time at all and without the need for extensive training.

Cobot welding is robot welding for medium-sized companies. With the difference that it is extremely easy.

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