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SpeedRoot Process Upgrade

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MIG instead of TIG for root welds.
For root welds, what means joining material as free from pores as possible, there was previously the simple practical formula: root = TIG. That was just as simple as it was slow. Thus not surprising that electrode holders or MIG-MAG torches are used again for subsequent cover layers. However, why not use a faster process for the root? The counter argument was clear: The root weld needs to be perfectly shaped. The high-quality required for the root weld on the interior of pipes, very often made the use of other processes not possible. Not possible? The Lorch process specialists were not satisfied with this.
Their response: SpeedRoot. A MIG-MAG process which combines a weld quality similar to TIG with speed benefits associated with the MIG-MAG process.

Stay cool is the motto.
When MIG-MAG was thought of for root welding, the short arc was previously thought of to be the way to weld with as little energy as possible. Unfortunately, the current and voltage increase so quickly during the short circuiting in the process that the material is transfered almost explosively. The molten pool falls through or the weld is pressed through the gap too strongly and irregularly. However, if the energy is simply redu- ced, there is quickly the danger that the weld is no longer sufficiently formed. SpeedRoot applies here particularly: high-end control technology ensures a “cold” material transfer with an intended energy reduced short circuit resolution afterwards. The clear target: Not a grain of energy too much. Only exactly the level of current and voltage that guarantees the high process stability and ensures a 3 mm perfect, slightly vaulted weld appea- rance. For maximum gap tolerance and gap bridging.

The perfect wave.
The process timing of the SpeedRoot is the decisive factor. The highlight: Speed- Root, depending on the welding position, also uses the wave movements of the weld pool to support the droplet transfer and to significantly reduce the energy input. The effect produced in doing so is in principle comparable with the effect which occurs during active advance and reverse of the wire for reversing feeder systems. As SpeedRoot functions purely controlled by the processor and does not need any additional hardware or complex and heavy torch solutions, significant application and cost benefits emerge.

Ingeniously simple.
Easy operation and perfect handling are the key to maximum productivity. Whoever has bridged a 4 mm gap for 3 mm sheets using the SpeedRoot without oscillating movements and has pro- duced an optimum weld appearance in doing so will no longer want to weld differently. If you think that does not work, simply try it out. At best, also straightaway with an 8 mm gap because the optimum weld pool control provided by the SpeedRoot also lets you perform the oscillating movements easily and effortless- ly. And, in addition to the simplicity of the welding process, the fact you can do this approx. three times faster than for TIG welding provides a quantum leap. Root welding has never been so productive.

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