Those clever people at Lorch have taken Cobot welding to a new Level. Click the links to see each on in operation. 

As well as the standard Mig welding package, options include a 100 kg Tilt/turn manipulator, a 200cm linear axis to extend the overall reach of the Cobot arm to 4.5m 

They also have easy to use programming options, including "Quick Points" to programme at the torch arm without having to return to the teach pendant. Another option is "Touch sense Seam tracking " where the welding nozzle touches the job prior to welding and automatically adjusts the welding position if each product is not quite identical. Their latest addition is "Seam Pilot"a Laser seam following system, just place the job at the start point and the Laser will follow the welding seam no matter on the shape. 

There are video links on all the above. So to book your personal a 1 hour time slot to see the Cobot in action and Tailor a demo to your very own requirements click the link below. Full instructions below the link. 

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Once you click the link above, you will be directed to the booking site, select your date and time, add your details, you will be emailed a confirmation and link to the demo. Be sure to input WASP Supplies Ltd as your Cobot partner to receive our ongoing customer support and competitive pricing. See below . 

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