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Lorch Welding System



The heart of the Cobot Welding Package

For years now, Lorch has been pushing the envelope in the field of MIG-MAG pulse welding with the S-XT series. It is for good reason that we refer to this welding system with its digital-intelligent process technology as the master of the pulse arc.

The Cobot version of the S-RoboMIG XT with the wire coil support housed in the feeder case and its cylinder trolley not only settles the question of where to put wire coil and gas ­cylinder but also retains its full mobility for your production, ­allowing you to use it as a hand-held machine if necessary.

Delivering 400 A and top-level duty cycles, the system is guaranteed to cover a wide range of applications. The special Cobot interface allows for deep integration into the Cobot control and creates new options for controlling Cobot welding by software. The S-RoboMIG XT will realise its full potential when used with full process equipment. All Lorch Speed and other special MIG-MAG processes are included as standard, allowing you to gain the maximum from your weld seam when it comes to quality and productivity. To some businesses, Lorch Cobot welding signifies the first opportunity to switch from TIG welding to the more productive MIG-MAG welding.

To keep the user safe by cooling down the torch quickly, the water cooling system offers enhanced cooling performance.

Technical Data S5-RoboMIG XT
Welding current MIG-MAG 25 – 400 A
Current at 100 % duty cycle 320 A
Current at 60 % duty cycle 350 A
Duty cycle I max. 50 %
Mains voltage 3~400 V
Mains fuse, delayed action 32 A

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