Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder  from Wasp Supplies ltd
Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder  from Wasp Supplies ltd
Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder  from Wasp Supplies ltd
Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder  from Wasp Supplies ltd
Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder  from Wasp Supplies ltd

Lorch T-Pro 300 AC/DC Tig welder gas cooled

£5,652.00 (inc. VAT)
300 amp AC/DC tig in compact housing 415 volt supply
 Lorch T Pro 300  AC/DC Tig welding machine  ControlPro panel gas cooled 

Supplied ready to weld, gas cooled torch , gas regulator and earth lead, Choose Torch and any other options from drop down list above

Professional Mobile 

Welding demands like density, appearence, strength or food safe, no matter if in stainless steel or aluminium, TIG welding is the first choice .

Regardless if portability or Industrial Production, quality by Lorch pays off.

Quality times 3. With the maximum power of 300 A. Functionality of larger Industrial TIG units in the smallest possible format. Perfect TIG-mobility with a maximum of power and duty cycle from a 415 volt 16amp  mains. No fuse tripping – thanks to the SinePower-Management by Lorch. Convincingly simple also the operation, it takes only

... 3 steps to a perfect weld 
1. select method
2. select mode
3. adjust welding current

If required, the water-cooling is instantly ready-for-use plug & play. SmartBase, Lorch's own expert data base, controls the arc virtuosic. Even a beginner achieves astonisgingly good results. For professionals there are still ample possibilities for fine adjustments. Because all parameter are completely modifiable. Expert welders will get very best results within short time. And your specific adjustments are retrieveable at any time.Tiptronic saves 100 jobs. The T Pro is available as DC- and AC/DC-model.

Because we stand fully behind our units, we issue a 3 year warranty and guarantee 10 years supply of spare parts. That's German quality. 
Quality – made by LORCH.


The T Pro series at a glance

  • Outstanding TIG weld characteristics
  • Complete professional TIG functionality
  • SmartBase expert database regulates the parameters for optimum arc conditions
  • Optionally with built in water-cooling unit 
  • Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz
  • Interval spot function for tack welding of thin sheet metal
  • Tiptronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks
  • Guaranteed protection against falls of up to 60 cm in height
  • Generator-compatible
  • Full power even in the case of voltage fluctuations and when using long cables
  • ITC-Inside makes it possible to use standard torches as well as Lorch’s fully digital TIG torch technology including Powermaster remote control
  • “3 steps to weld” operating concept
  • With non-contacting HF ignition (can be changed over to ContacTIG)
  • Electrode welding function
  • Connection for hand and foot remote control
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption due to the most modern industrial electronics and the fan on demand technology
  • Manufactured and tested according to DIN EN 60974-1, with CE mark, S-symbol and IP 23

Additional in the AC/DC

  • Changeover DC to AC
  • Positive polarity ignition and automatic cap shape
  • Lorch MACS special process, increasing the weld quality for thin aluminium
ControlPro concept:
- operator guidance using illuminated symbols
- exact-ampere digital display for welding current
- exact-ampere digital display for welding voltage
- simple parameter adjustment
- remote control connection
- LorchNet for the entry to Lorch Automation
- connection for Lorch FEED cold wire feeder
- Tiptronic job memory for up to 100 welding tasks

Many options available including mobile trolley, water cooling, remote control and various torch styles. Please contact us for a tailormade quotation for all Uk and European destinations   

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