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Lorch Speed process


All special welding processes included.


SpeedPulse XT

The unique quality of our patented XT regulation technology: Combining the high-quality pulse welding process with a subsequent spray arc-like material transition, gives a tremendous boost to the deposition rate and welding speed. The regulation the S-XT provides has never been faster or more exact. And, it delivers this type of speed and accuracy in every pulse phase. The result is an extremely robust and stable arc with virtually no spatter.


TwinPulse XT

TwinPulse XT controls and separates the heating and cooling phases. This translates to ­significantly lower and more systematic heat input into the workpiece as well as much ­lower distortion, resulting in notably less rework. Especially customers who often relied on TIG welding will appreciate the new opportunities offered to them by the TwinPulse XT process. Welding speeds are increased considerably, made more efficient and produces results with a visual appearance comparable to that of TIG seams.


SpeedArc XT

SpeedArc XT impresses with a particularly focused arc and significantly higher energy density than comparable processes. This achieves a particularly deep penetration into the base material which cannot be compared with the penetration performance of normal MIG-MAG systems. The greater arc pressure that flows into the weld pool makes MIG-MAG welding with the SpeedArc XT noticeably faster and, consequently, much more economical.



Welding vertical seams poses a major challenge – even when the seams are welded by hand. Accomplishing this task with a robot is next to impossible, which is why robot cells are often used in combination with expensive tilt and turn positioners. Inconceivable when using a Cobot, but also no problem thanks to SpeedUp. The combination of a high-current phase for optimum melting of the material and a phase with reduced heat input for good penetration allows your Cobot to master the vertical seam with constant travel speed.



SpeedCold keeps the arc stable during thin sheet welding and puts an end to troublesome spatter. Even extra thin sheets can be welded easily with SpeedCold. Any spatter that does occur is so “cold” that it will usually not stick to the material. SpeedCold truly shines when used for welding butt, lap and corner welds on thin sheets.


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