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Lorch SeamPilot

Introducing the new Lorch Cobot SeamPilot - the latest robotic welding system which uses a laser add-on that can be mounted onto the robot arm, ensuring perfect and precise welds.

SeamPilot features advanced detection technology that is designed to identify misaligned parts that differ from the initially programmed setup - ideal for occasions where parts are not manufactured in the same way every time. The system is optimised for both longitudinal and circumferential welds, and is an optional extra offered in full feature UR10e packages. With accurate and reliable welds, the Lorch Cobot SeamPilot is the perfect solution to achieve consistent, uniform results.


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Lorch Cobot S5 Robo Mig package with Universal Robots UR10e  Controller  241.1503.0 Full Feature

Full-Feature: Welding (Job & Individual & Assistant with Cobot Jobs), Tacking, Gas/
Wire Control, Oscillation, QuickPoints, SmartCopy, TouchSence, Seamtracking and Multi-
Function Flange

£83,400.00 (inc. VAT)