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Lorch MicorStick 160 Control Pro Accu ready.

£634.44 (ex. VAT)
Supplied ready to weld from 230v mains, optional battery .
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Electrode welding with ease and perfection

The Lorch MicorStick 160 Control Pro Accu ready Can be used from 230 volt Mains,  an engine driven generator or Lorch's new Battery-  MobilPower 1 - see below..


The MicorStick 160 Control Pro with digital meters is the first fully resonant inverter welding machine that operates on 230 V mains power featuring Lorch’s innovative and patented MICOR technology.

Even when you operate with long mains cables of up to 200 m or when using a generator, this technology allows the MicorStick to guarantee superior welding characteristics and to provide an exceptionally stable and forceful arc.


Exceptionally light. Extemely robust.

   Weighing in at merely 4.9 kg, this unit is one of the lightest available. Exceptionally robust at the same time, it is perfect both for the demanding everyday use at the workshop and for your hardest jobs on site when flexibility and durability are essential. We do not know any other system that is tougher than ours. Nor can we hardly think of one that offers the same unique performance range as our MicorStick.

Everything included: For reliable ignition and perfect welding characteristics.

  • The automatic Hotstart provides absolutely perfect ignition characteristics.
  • The Anti-Stick-System prevents the electrode from sticking.
  • The Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process with increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer.

What is more, the MicorStick offers the special function StableArc which, in the higher current range stabilizes the arc through systematic frequency pulsing when running on mains power. This provides for increased directional stability, reduces arc blow and gives increased dynamics. You will feel and hear the difference straight away.

The MicorStick provides 100 % conformity with the latest connection standard and can be operated without restrictions on all public mains networks. After all, we simply want you to achieve welding perfection wherever and whenever you need it.

Increased power thanks to MICOR: The turbo effect

The patented MICOR technology acts like a turbocharger on a car engine: Maximum power is invoked from the smallest of spaces. When the current is reduced due to external disruptions, MicorStick will activate significantly higher voltage reserves and reliably offset any fluctuations in the mains voltage. Due to the huge input current tolerance of –40% to + 15 % the MicorStick allows you to weld with perfect reliability, even when operating on unstable and weak power supplies. The result is perfect electrode welding suitable for even the most demanding welding tasks including CEL electrodes. Ideal for those pipeline construction workers who often only have 230 V mains power at their disposal during installation on site.

Using an optional valved tig torch the Micor 160 can be used for DC tig with lift arc ignition.

Perfect on the move.

You can, of course, also easily carry the MicorStick and the MobilePower individually. Both come standard with a convenient carrying strap. Another option is to choose one of Lorch’s smart transport and carrying solutions. Thought through – for unlimited mobility.


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