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Lorch Cobot welding torch.


Cool finger – top performance

Essential to the welding performance during work with a robot is the perfect marriage between welding system and torch. This is why we developed a special robot torch as the perfect complement to your Lorch Cobot Welding Package. Its Cobot welding performance on steel and stainless steel is exactly as you would hope: the LMR 450 W.

  • Sporting a sleek design for perfect access to the component
  • Extra robust thanks to the high proportion of stainless steel in the torch components that are exposed to contact
  • A duty cycle of 100 % at 450 A will not turn the torch into a limiting factor of the system
  • A corrugated tube hose package which keeps hoses and cables perfectly safe from kinking and damage caused from abrasion
  • Massively cooled by a special double circuit cooling system for extended service life and improved user safety

Equipped with wear parts that provide for optimum current transfer and maximum welding performance.

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