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Lorch Cobot Tig welding Package.


Cobot welding meets TIG: How to automate demanding welding tasks.

Cobot welding represents collaborative robot welding in an attractive system for economical welding automation in medium-sized companies. People and robots work hand in hand in a flexible, precise, and efficient manner.

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package in the TIG version provides access to the world of Cobot welding for demanding welding tasks in many industries, including those of mechanical engineering, sheet-metal processing as well as the food, furniture, and pharmaceutical industries.

Your new team member, the collaborative welding robot, will improve your competitiveness and let you benefit from high-quality and visually superior weld seams produced 100% spatter-free on a wide range of materials with or without filler metal.

Lorch Cobot Welding Package TIG: the entire welding pro package for automating challenging welding tasks.

Nothing remains in the way of automating your everyday welding tasks with the Lorch Welding Package. All you need is included in the package, from the collaborative UR10 robot of Cobot market leader Universal Robots to the high-quality power source, hose package, and foot switch.

The industrial equipment in the usual high Lorch quality is designed entirely for the harsh welding conditions and to meet the needs of automated welding processes. Our solution can be integrated quickly and easily into your production environment. It will be ready for use in no time at all due to its simple operability.

The Lorch welding Cobot  really is very easy to use , the Cobotronic software developed by Lorch brings the whole system together and requires 2 days to install and train an operator from scratch.

At our Luton Demonstration facility we have both Mig And Tig versions on display, If you would like to arrange a visit to see the equipment in action please contact our Sales dept 01582 566560 or email for more detailed information. 

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