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Lorch Cobot Mig welding packages

Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package with Warranty.

Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package  with Warranty.
Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package  with Warranty.
Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package  with Warranty.
Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package  with Warranty.
Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package  with Warranty.
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Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot ready to weld package with Warranty.

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Ex Demo Lorch Mig welding Cobot system, supply, installation and training, available to view at our Luton facility. 
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At Wasp Supplies Ltd we are looking to sell our Demonstration Lorch Mig welding Cobot package at a reduced price including installation, training and warranty. The Mig welding power source has only recorded 3 arc hours in total. 

Use our contact form for more information or call our Luton office on 01582 566560. 

The package includes everything supplied with a new Lorch Cobot package 240.5001.0 along with a few additional items we have added to the system, including Lorch multifunction Flange, pre programmed to free drive the Cobot arm, inch the wire feed and manually tack weld. A 2nd start switch for running 2 different welding programs on the same table and external switch for turning welding on and off without the need to access this function from within the software - ideal for dry runs. 

These extras are in the region of £1700. 

Package includes 

  • Lorch S5-RoboMig XT Mig welding power source with 1m of interconnection cable and single wire feeder with 2 year Lorch warranty and only 3 arc hours recorded in the settings menu. 
  • Enhanced water cooling system. 
  • Universal Robots UR10CB Cobot. with 1 year warranty backed by Lorch. 
  • Lorch Cobotronic software
  • UR Cobot control unit with full instruction manuals 
  • Lorch Cobot multifunction flange Free drive torch mount. 
  • 2nd start switch 
  • external weld/no weld switch
  • Lorch Cobot torch LMR 450W Water cooled robotic torch .
  • Lorch Cobot torch mount
  • Boom, arm and torch Balancer 
  • Mounting plate 
  • Function Button.
  • Installation from Wasp Supplies Ltd 
  • CE certification. 
  • 2 Full days training for 2 operators.   

The welding table is available as an extra and is negotiable. 

requirements :- 415 3 phase supply for weld set and 230v single phase for Robot arm, Once installed you will be producing parts straight away with appropriate jigs and fixtures. 

See our video section above to see how easy it is to programme and operate the Lorch Cobot welding equipment. 

The Lorch Cobot welding package makes your welding team stronger, Indeed the system is not designed to replace highly skilled welders, but work alongside them. No safety cell required. 
This system is a very easy to use MIg/Mag welding package that can produce hiqh quality repeatable welds time after time thanks to the Lorch Cobotronic software. In fact everything is controlled by the software on the easy to use pendant including welding parameters, travel speeds and process selection. 

Book a Cobot demonstration at our Luton facility

Plug and play Additions to enhance the Lorch Cobot Welding system

The Lorch multifunctional flange is a perfect add on with 3 programmable buttons, 1 is used to put the cobot into freedrive function to drag the torch arm to the required position. The other 2 can be used for either wire inch or retract, or even tack weld.

Introducing the Lorch Turn 100, Lorch have produced a 100kg capacity tilt and turn manipulator to enhance the capabilities of their Cobot welding System. Works alongside the CB10 and CB10E systems to provide manipulation of the job in hand. Unlimited rotational capabilities and 90 degree tilt. Once installed with a Lorch software upgrade then enables "Tilt" or "Turn" to be added to the programming tree alongside "Move" and "Weld" functions.  

Collaborating means working together.

Cobot welding: Man and machine support each other during welding.

The Cobot completes a precise movement of the torch, while the welding system delivers the perfect weld – over and over again. A system born for automating small and medium production runs. In the past robots were limited to round and longitudinal seam welding, but now robot welding excels especially in the areas of contour and segment welding. Once set up properly (which is the main responsibility of the welding specialist in charge), the Cobot will weld complete batches with perfection.

The welding specialist stays in complete control of the system, the Cobot acts as a tool, and the execution of the jobs is delegated. Straightforward and requiring only minimum investment costs, this type of automation is the solution to major challenges that are currently problematic for the industry, e.g. lack of skilled labour and increasing cost pressures. One key factor is the ability to use collaborative robots without any special additional protective equipment. The exceptional ease with which they can be installed and operated allows Cobots to become an essential team member at your company in no time at all and without the need for extensive training.

Cobot welding is robot welding for medium-sized companies. With the difference that it is extremely easy.

Perfectly equipped for steel and stainless steel

Every Lorch Cobot Welding Package ships with a wear part original equipment kit for steel and stainless steel (1.0 and 1.2). Also included is an extended nozzle holder for a further significant boost in welding performance during use on stainless steel.

Download System brochure                                                                                                   Download Guide To Cobots 

Please note Cobot systems do not include a welding table, these are available as optional extra of which can be supplied by Wasp Supplies if required. 

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With the Lorch Cobot Welding Package you can now weld your workpieces automatically. In contrast to industrial robots, the Lorch Cobot is quickly installed and ready for use. Use a collaborative robot to counter the shortage of skilled workers, cost pressure and the technology gap and position yourself successfully alongside the competition.

All special welding processes are included in our Lorch Cobot Welding Package. This also includes the TwinPuls XT.

The TwinPuls XT opens up new possibilities, especially where TIG welding has often been used in the past. This makes welding faster and more efficient, with optics that do not have to shy away from comparison with a TIG seam.

The collaborative welding can be experienced at first hand at Wasp Supplies Luton stores.

The Cobotronic software for the Lorch Cobot Welding Package is optimally designed for welding users. The software, developed by our welding experts, offers a top tool for specialists with its additional operating functions.

New programs can be easily created with the software. Contact your local Cobot partner and experience the Lorch Cobot Welding Package up close! The collaborative welding can be experienced at first hand at Wasp Supplies Luton demo facility..

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package convinces with its simple programming on the operating panel. With its touch display and intuitive user interface, you can easily call up programs that have already been saved.

The Cobot arm can be operated directly with the Free-Drive function and saves valuable time. You can also program the individual parameters yourself. You can experience collaborative welding at close quarters at Wasp Supplies Ltd 

A multiple stainless steel bracket application. 

Mig welding base plates onto channel for a customer. 

We made these video's to show a customer how easy it is to programme this system. 

Programming Part 1 

Programming Part 2 

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Complete guide to Cobot Welding

Download the Lorch Complete guide to Cobot Welding 

Download system brochure

Download the System Brochure 

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