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CK2325SF water cooled Tig Torch 300 amp 100% rated, 7.6m Superflex cables with 3.8" BSP fittings.

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20cm 105 g
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CK2325SF CK 230 water cooled Tig Torch has a huge  300 amp 100% duty cycle on both AC and DC welding current and physicaly similar in size to a WP20 . This tig torch can be used where a wp18 is used, but a smaller, lighter torch is required. Supplied with 7.6m Superflex cables with 3.8" BSP Connection and rigid neck.. Uses CK 2 series spares compatable with weldcraft WP 20 and CK 20 tig torch.

The 230 style tig torch is the most popular water cooled torch available, CK 230 is 300 amp 100% rated in both AC and DC current, unlike alternative competitive brands as the water cooling ducts are up to 5 times larger allowing more water flow therefore considerably more cooling. Indeed a WP 20 is only rated at 185 amps 100% with AC current. Can be used instead of a larger, heavier WP 18 style torch.

Increased cooling with CK Max-flo technology

CK Fail Safe Water Connector                     
  • Heavy duty 300 amp 100 % rated torch 
  • Uses  popular WP 20 water-cooled torch spares
  • Largest water jacket available: 300% more cooling
  • Fully achieve 3.2mm tungsten electrode capability on thick aluminium joints
  • Largest metal mass insert
  • More mass in the head of the torch equals more efficient heat dissipation
  • Constructed with a hardened brass alloy head to reduce thread damage
  • Fail-safe hose connections eliminates wire ties for a positive seal
CK Superflex Cable      
Fitted with CK's Superflex Cable
  • Lightest most flexible cable assemblies available
  • Available for all gas-cooled or water-cooled torches
  • Lightweight silicon rubber hose with nylon overbraid protection to resist abrasion
  • Replaces heavy, stiff cables increasing range of motion
  • Stays flexible even in the coldest environments
  • Great for intricate precise welding applications

CK Superflex Leads
CK Colour Coded Superflex Cable
  • 3/8" gas fittings
  • Colour coded leads for quick identification
  • Black argon hose
  • Blue water hose
  • Red power cable

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