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CK 2A18GSLD 2 Series Large Diameter gas cup 28mm bore x 33mm long

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CK 2A18GSLD 2 Series Large Diameter gas cup 28mm bore x 33mm long 

Aluminia Cup Used on all 2 series torches in conjunction with gas saver kits. Fits CK 9, CK 20, CK 230.

Clear cup lets the welder see the weld pool when in difficult to see areas. Particulary good for use with titanium fabrication.
Alloys such as titanium thatrequire extra shield gas coverage are now being used for aerosapce and motorsport componenets. Standard and large diameter gas lenses are not always adequate to insure a larger surface area of shield ags coverage. CK's large diameter gas saver is ideal for titanium tubing, High temperature Pyrex glass cups insure visability of the weld puddle and directs a uniform gas flow pattern over a very large surface area.

Aerospace and motorsport components present odd angles that need to be welded. standard tungsten stickout beyond the gas cup does not allow the torch to be put in the proper position to weld those angles. The large diameter gas saver allows the tungsten to extend up to 38 mm beyond the edge of the gas saver cup giving the welder the ability to accesss the weld without getting the torch into the angle.
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