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087118 Hypertherm Powermax 85 hand Plasma cutter, cuts 38mm, 15.2m hand torch. 400v CE

£4,608.00 (inc. VAT)
without CPC port

MPN : 087118


 New Hypertherm Powermax 85 Plasma cutter - G4 series cuts up to 38mm

400 volt three phase CE version with H85 75 degree Duramax hand Torch 15.2m

087118 with 15.2m torch no cpc or RS 485 port designed for hand cutting see below

Weight 28kg full spec sheet below 

The Hypertherm Powermax 85 cuts 32mm Mild steel with ease, will gouge out welds, can cut mesh and used with fine cut consumables produces quality finishes on sheet materials. Now available with Hypertherm Hyaccess consumables (see below)

Available torches :-

Hyperthem plasma systems use a quick fit connector to fit the torch to the machine, therefore a Hypertherm plasma cutter can be converted from a hand held system to a mechanised system in seconds, It really is plug and play. spare torches of different lengths and angles make this system extremely versatile. 

Remote interfaces are only required for mechanised options where the torch has no on/off switch, a CPC port is required to start and stop the arc either by an optional on/off switch or 3rd party CNC control panel, the CPC port also comes with a selectable voltage ratio card fitted.  The RS 485 port is used when an increased level of control is required such as 2 way communication. 

Air filter shown with optional steel gaurd                                 Optional wheel kit 

Consumable kits


  allinone kit for Powermax85
Part Description Hand Machine 
Swirl Ring 45/65/85 Amps 13
Swirl Ring 45 Amp Fine cut 0
Electrode 45-105 Amp 96
Electrode45-105 Amp Silver Plus02
Nozzle85 Amp32
Nozzle65 Amp 22
Nozzle45 Amp 11
Nozzle 45 Amp Fine cut22
Nozzle65/85 Amp Gouging11
Retaining Cap45/65/85 Amp11
Retaining Cap45/65/85 Amp Ohmic 01
Shield 45/65/85 Amp Mechanised01
Shield 45/65/85 Amp Drag cutting10
Shield 45 Amp Fine cut Mechanised 01
Shield 65/85 Amp Gouging 11
Deflector 45 Amp Fine cut Handheld10
Deflector 45/65/85 Amp Mechanised unshielded01

Now available with new Hyaccess consumables used up to 65 amps see video below 

Download Powermax 85 Sales Leaflet      

 Download Hypertherm Powermax 65 / 85 Operator Manual    

  Download Hypertherm Powermax 65 / 85 Service Manual  

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