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0.8 mm A18 Mild steel welding wire spools.

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100 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm diameter spools. 15kg Spools are Esab G3Si1 product .
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0.8mm  A18-grade copper coated double-deoxidised G3Si1 or SG2 mild steel MIG wire for welding unalloyed and low-alloyed mild and medium tensile steels. it can be used with both argon/co2 mixed gas or CO2. Precision layer-wound with a high-quality copper finish for improved feeding. Suitable for use in general fabrication, sheet metal, car body  repair and maintenance applications, generally used on mig machines at welding currents up to  200 amps 

Used on DC +ve and has a recommended flow rate of between 7-12 Litres / min.

With 15kg spools we supply Esab G3Si1 mig wire

Typical Wire Composition %
C Si Mn Cu P S
Min 0.07 0.8 1.4
Typical 0.08 0.86 1.46 0.05 0.010 0.015
Max 0.12 1.00 1.6 0.35 0.025 0.025

Typical settings 
Arc Voltage , V Welding Current, A Wire feed, m/min Deposition Kg/hr
0.6mm 15-20 30-100 5.5-13 0.7-1.7
0.8mm 18-24 60-200 3.2-13 0.8-3.0
1.0mm 18-32 80-300 2.7-15 1.0-5.6
1.2mm 18-34 120-380 2.5-15 1.3-8.0

100mm diameter spools - 16mm bore size  0.7 kg spools

200mm diameter spools - 51mm bore size 5kg spools 

300mm diameter spools - 51mm bore size 15kg spools.
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