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Brand: Lorch
Condition: New


Lorch Handytig 180 DC tig welding machine

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Single phase 240 volt 180 amp DC tig welder with HF-non contact ignition.

Available in 2 product variations

Option 1, Basic Plus control panel

Option 2, Control Pro model.

Basic Plus, has auto gas management, final current reduction control.

Control Pro, as Basic Plus with additional functions :-

  • Digital Display
  • Pulser
  • Memory function

Professional electrode and TIG welder with high performance reserves with 150 A electrode and 180 A TIG current.
High duty cycle of 40% at 150 A (electrode) and 30 % at 180 A (TIG).

Automatic parameter system for simple operation: The microprocessor controls the ambient settings  based on the welding current and process status. Operator prompting using illuminated symbols. Automatic adaptive hot start for perfect ignition during electrode welding. Anti-Stick system prevents electrode sticking. Arc force regulation provides support for difficult electrodes.

Switchover to TIG welding with Non Contact HF TIG ignition. Convenient TIG logic operation - the welding current and shielding gas are switched on and off using keys on the torch. No more breakaway of the arc at the end of welding. Automatic gas pre/post flow protects tungsten needle and welding seam from oxidation.
2 and 4 stroke logic for quick tacking and convenient seam welding.
Automatic down-slope prevents quality impairing “end craters” at the end of the seam.
Fast down-slope using 2nd torch key prevents fall-through of the seam in case of workpiece overheating.
Durable assembly design, insensitive to knocks,.
Safety due to protection class of IP 23.
High mains voltage tolerance,. Troublefree with long extension leads and good generators. Bears the S label denoting suitability for use in confined spaces in atmospheres subject to higher electrical risk.
Standby system reduces fan noise, soiling and energy consumption.
Remote control facility.

Supplied Complete with Tig torch, earth Lead and regulator.

Technical Specifications
Electrode Welding  
Electrode diameter  1.5 - 4.0 mm  
Weldable material   Steel, stainless steel  
Recommended material thickness   up to 10 mm  
Welding range   5 - 150 A  
Duty cycle at max. current (40°)   40 % / 150 A  
Welding current at 60% DC   (40°) 135 A  
Mains voltage   230 V  
Weight   5.7 kg  
Method TIG-welding  
Electrode diameter  1.0 - 2.4 mm  
Weldable material  Steel, stainless steel / copper  
Recommended material thickness  1 - 6 mm / copper 1 - 3 mm  
Welding range   5 - 180 A  
Duty cycle at max. current (40°)   30% / 180 A  
Welding current at 60% DC (40°)   150 A  
Mains voltage   230 V  
Weight  5.7 kg  


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